stri_enc_set: Set or Get Default Character Encoding in 'stringi'

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stri_enc_set sets the encoding used to re-encode strings internally (i.e., by R) declared to be in native encoding, see stringi-encoding and stri_enc_mark. stri_enc_get returns the currently used default encoding.





single string; character encoding name, see stri_enc_list for the list of supported encodings.


stri_enc_get is the same as stri_enc_info(NULL)$Name.friendly.

Note that changing the default encoding may have undesired consequences. Unless you are an expert user and you know what you are doing, stri_enc_set should only be used if ICU fails to detect your system's encoding correctly (while testing stringi we only encountered such a situation on a very old Solaris machine). Note that ICU tries to match the encoding part of the LC_CTYPE category as given by Sys.getlocale.

If you set a default encoding that is neither a superset of ASCII, nor an 8-bit encoding, a warning will be generated, see stringi-encoding for discussion.

stri_enc_set has no effect if the system ICU assumes that the default charset is always UTF-8 (i.e., where the internal U_CHARSET_IS_UTF8 is defined and set to 1), see stri_info.


stri_enc_set returns a string with previously used character encoding, invisibly.

stri_enc_get returns a string with current default character encoding.


Marek Gagolewski and other contributors

See Also

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