Query Default Settings for stringi


Presents current default settings used by the ICU library.


stri_info(short = FALSE)



logical; whether or not the results should be given in a concise form; defaults to TRUE


If short=TRUE, then a single string containing information on default character encoding, locale, and Unicode as well as ICU version is returned.

Otherwise, you a list with the following components is returned:

  • Unicode.version – version of Unicode supported by the ICU library;

  • ICU.versionICU library version used;

  • Locale – contains information on default locale, as returned by stri_locale_info;

  • Charset.internal – always c("UTF-8", "UTF-16");

  • Charset.native – information on default encoding, as returned by stri_enc_info;

  • ICU.system – logical; indicates whether system ICU libs are used (TRUE) or if ICU was built together with stringi.

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