Man pages for stringi
Fast and Portable Character String Processing Facilities

about_argumentsPassing Arguments to Functions in 'stringi'
about_encodingCharacter Encodings and 'stringi'
about_localeLocales and 'stringi'
about_searchString Searching
about_search_boundariesText Boundary Analysis in 'stringi'
about_search_charclassCharacter Classes in 'stringi'
about_search_collLocale-Sensitive Text Searching in 'stringi'
about_search_fixedLocale-Insensitive Fixed Pattern Matching in 'stringi'
about_search_regexRegular Expressions in 'stringi'
about_stringiFast and Portable Character String Processing in R
operator_addConcatenate Two Character Vectors
operator_compareCompare Strings with or without Collation
operator_dollarC-Style Formatting with 'stri_sprintf' as a Binary Operator
stri_compareCompare Strings with or without Collation
stri_countCount the Number of Pattern Occurrences
stri_count_boundariesCount the Number of Text Boundaries
stri_datetime_addDate and Time Arithmetic
stri_datetime_createCreate a Date-Time Object
stri_datetime_fieldsGet Values for Date and Time Fields
stri_datetime_formatDate and Time Formatting and Parsing
stri_datetime_fstrConvert 'strptime'-Style Format Strings
stri_datetime_nowGet Current Date and Time
stri_datetime_symbolsList Localizable Date-Time Formatting Data
stri_detectDetect Pattern Occurrences
stri_dupDuplicate Strings
stri_duplicatedDetermine Duplicated Elements
stri_enc_detectDetect Character Set and Language
stri_enc_detect2[DEPRECATED] Detect Locale-Sensitive Character Encoding
stri_enc_fromutf32Convert From UTF-32
stri_enc_infoQuery a Character Encoding
stri_enc_isasciiCheck If a Data Stream Is Possibly in ASCII
stri_enc_isutf16Check If a Data Stream Is Possibly in UTF-16 or UTF-32
stri_enc_isutf8Check If a Data Stream Is Possibly in UTF-8
stri_enc_listList Known Character Encodings
stri_enc_markGet Declared Encodings of Each String
stri_encodeConvert Strings Between Given Encodings
stri_enc_setSet or Get Default Character Encoding in 'stringi'
stri_enc_toasciiConvert To ASCII
stri_enc_tonativeConvert Strings To Native Encoding
stri_enc_toutf32Convert Strings To UTF-32
stri_enc_toutf8Convert Strings To UTF-8
stri_escape_unicodeEscape Unicode Code Points
stri_extractExtract Pattern Occurrences
stri_extract_boundariesExtract Data Between Text Boundaries
stri_flattenFlatten a String
stri_infoQuery Default Settings for 'stringi'
stri_isemptyDetermine if a String is of Length Zero
stri_joinConcatenate Character Vectors
stri_join_listConcatenate Strings in a List
stri_lengthCount the Number of Code Points
stri_list2matrixConvert a List to a Character Matrix
stri_locale_infoQuery Given Locale
stri_locale_listList Available Locales
stri_locale_setSet or Get Default Locale in 'stringi'
stri_locateLocate Pattern Occurrences
stri_locate_boundariesLocate Text Boundaries
stri_matchExtract Regex Pattern Matches, Together with Capture Groups
stri_na2emptyReplace NAs with Empty Strings
stri_numbytesCount the Number of Bytes
stri_opts_brkiterGenerate a List with BreakIterator Settings
stri_opts_collatorGenerate a List with Collator Settings
stri_opts_fixedGenerate a List with Fixed Pattern Search Engine's Settings
stri_opts_regexGenerate a List with Regex Matcher Settings
stri_orderOrdering Permutation
stri_padPad (Center/Left/Right Align) a String
stri_rand_lipsumA Lorem Ipsum Generator
stri_rand_shuffleRandomly Shuffle Code Points in Each String
stri_rand_stringsGenerate Random Strings
stri_read_linesRead Text Lines from a Text File
stri_read_rawRead Text File as Raw
stri_remove_emptyRemove All Empty Strings from a Character Vector
stri_replaceReplace Pattern Occurrences
stri_replace_naReplace Missing Values in a Character Vector
stri_replace_rstrConvert gsub-Style Replacement Strings
stri_reverseReverse Each String
stri_sortString Sorting
stri_sort_keySort Keys
stri_splitSplit a String By Pattern Matches
stri_split_boundariesSplit a String at Text Boundaries
stri_split_linesSplit a String Into Text Lines
stri_sprintfFormat Strings
stri_startsendswithDetermine if the Start or End of a String Matches a Pattern
stri_stats_generalGeneral Statistics for a Character Vector
stri_stats_latexStatistics for a Character Vector Containing LaTeX Commands
stri_subExtract a Substring From or Replace a Substring In a...
stri_sub_allExtract or Replace Multiple Substrings
stri_subsetSelect Elements that Match a Given Pattern
stri_timezone_infoQuery a Given Time Zone
stri_timezone_listList Available Time Zone Identifiers
stri_timezone_setSet or Get Default Time Zone in 'stringi'
stri_trans_casemapTransform Strings with Case Mapping or Folding
stri_trans_charTranslate Characters
stri_trans_generalGeneral Text Transforms, Including Transliteration
stri_trans_listList Available Text Transforms and Transliterators
stri_trans_nfPerform or Check For Unicode Normalization
stri_trimTrim Characters from the Left and/or Right Side of a String
stri_unescape_unicodeUn-escape All Escape Sequences
stri_uniqueExtract Unique Elements
stri_widthDetermine the Width of Code Points
stri_wrapWord Wrap Text to Format Paragraphs
stri_write_linesWrite Text Lines to a Text File
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