Man pages for surface
Fitting Hansen Models to Investigate Convergent Evolution

convertTreeDataUtilities for Formatting Objects for SURFACE Analysis
getAICAkaike's Information Criterion for SURFACE Models
getBranchTimesExtract Branching Times from an 'ouch' Tree
ouchDescendantsObtain Descendants from an 'ouch' Tree
propRegMatchSimilarity of Two Hansen Models
repaintPaint the Branches of a Tree
runSurfaceRun All Steps of a SURFACE Analysis
startingModelCreate an Initial Model for a SURFACE Analysis
surfaceAICPlotPlot the AIC Throughout a SURFACE Analysis
surfaceBackwardCollapsing Convergent Regimes in a Hansen Model
surfaceDemoTree and Data for Demonstrating SURFACE
surfaceForwardAdding Regimes to a Hansen Model
surface-packageFitting Hansen Models to Investigate Convergent Evolution
surfaceSimulateSimulate Data for SURFACE
surfaceSummarySummarize SURFACE Output
surfaceTreePlotVisualize Results of a SURFACE Analysis
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