surveybootstrap: Tools for the Bootstrap with Survey Data

Tools for using different kinds of bootstrap for estimating sampling variation using complex survey data.

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AuthorDennis M. Feehan [aut, cre], Matthew J. Salganik [ths]
Date of publication2016-05-04 12:14:27
MaintainerDennis M. Feehan <>
LicenseMIT + file LICENSE

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bootstrap.estimates Man page Man page
chain.size Man page
chain.vals Man page Man page
estimate.mixing Man page
get.fn Man page
get.var Man page
get.weights Man page
is.child.ct Man page
make.chain Man page
max.depth Man page
mc.sim Man page
MU284 Man page
package-surveybootstrap Man page
parse_design Man page
rds.boot.draw.chain Man page
rds.chain.boot.draws Man page Man page
rescaled.bootstrap.sample Man page
rescaled.bootstrap.sample.pureR Man page
srs.bootstrap.sample Man page
surveybootstrap Man page
surveybootstrap-package Man page Man page
unparse.trait Man page
vcat Man page
weighted.mean Man page

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