estimate degree distributions by trait

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break down RDS degree distributions by trait, and return an object which has the degrees for each trait as well as functions to draw degrees from each trait.


1, d.hat.vals, traits, keep.vars = NULL)


the respondent info


the variable that contains the degrees for each respondent


a vector of the names of the columns of which refer to the traits


additional vars to return along with degrees


one of the items returned as a result is a function, draw.degrees.fn, which takes one argument, traits. this is a vector of traits and, for each entry in this vector, draw.degress.fn returns a draw from the empirical distribution of degrees among respondents with that trait. so, draw.degrees.fn(c("0.0", "0.1", "0.1") would return a degree drawn uniformly at random from among the observed degrees of respondents with trait "0.0" and then two degrees from respondents with trait "0.1"


an object with

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