Man pages for surveybootstrap
Tools for the Bootstrap with Survey Data

chain.dataget a dataset from a chain
chain.sizeget the size of a chain
chain.valschain.vals degree distributions by trait
estimate.mixingconstruct a mixing model from GoC/RDS data
get.fngrab a function based on its name
get.varget a variable from a dataframe or vector
get.weightsget the weights column from a dataframe
is.child.ctdetermine whether or not one id is a parent of another
make.chainbuild an RDS seed's chain from the dataset
max.depthget the height (maximum depth) of a chain
mc.simrun a markov model
MU284MU284 population
parse_designparse a formula that describes the design of a survey
rds.boot.draw.chaindraw RDS bootstrap resamples for one chain
rds.chain.boot.drawsdraw RDS bootstrap resamples RDS bootstrap resamples using the algorithm in Salganik...
surveybootstrapSurvey bootstrap variance estimators a set of traits and turn into a string
unparse.traitunparse a collapsed trait string
vcatonly prints things out in verbose mode
weighted.meancompute the weighted mean
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