srs.bootstrap.sample: srs.bootstrap.sample

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given a survey dataset and a description of the survey design (ie, which combination of vars determines primary sampling units, and which combination of vars determines strata), take a bunch of bootstrap samples under a simple random sampling (with repetition) scheme


srs.bootstrap.sample(, num.reps = 1, parallel = FALSE,
  paropts = NULL, ...)


the dataset to use


the number of bootstrap replication samples to draw


if TRUE, use parallelization (via plyr)


an optional list of arguments passed on to plyr to control details of parallelization


ignored, but useful because it allows params like which are used in other bootstrap designs, to be passed in without error


a list with num.reps entries. each entry is a dataset which has at least the variables index (the row index of the original dataset that was resampled) and weight.scale (the factor by which to multiply the sampling weights in the original dataset).

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