Man pages for survivalmodels
Models for Survival Analysis

build_keras_netBuild a Keras Multilayer Perceptron
build_pytorch_netBuild a Pytorch Multilayer Perceptron
cindexCompute Concordance of survivalmodel Risk
coxtimeCox-Time Survival Neural Network
deephitDeepHit Survival Neural Network
deepsurvDeepSurv Survival Neural Network
get_keras_optimizerGet Keras Optimizer
get_pycox_activationGet Pytorch Activation Function
get_pycox_callbacksGet Torchtuples Callbacks
get_pycox_initGet Pytorch Weight Initialization Method
get_pycox_optimGet Pytorch Optimizer
install_kerasInstall Keras and Tensorflow
install_pycoxInstall Pycox With Reticulate
install_torchInstall Torch With Reticulate
loghazLogistic-Hazard Survival Neural Network
pchazardPC-Hazard Survival Neural Network
predict.pycoxPredict Method for pycox Neural Networks
pycox_prepare_train_dataPrepare Data for Pycox Model Training
requireNamespacesVectorised Logical requireNamespace
set_seedSet seed in R numpy and torch
simsurvdataSimulate Survival Data
survivalmodels-packagesurvivalmodels: Models for Survival Analysis
surv_to_riskSafely convert a survival matrix prediction to a relative...
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