svs: Tools for Semantic Vector Spaces

Various tools for semantic vector spaces, such as correspondence analysis (simple, multiple and discriminant), latent semantic analysis, probabilistic latent semantic analysis, non-negative matrix factorization, latent class analysis and EM clustering. Furthermore, there are specialized distance measures, plotting functions and some helper functions.

AuthorKoen Plevoets [aut, cre]
Date of publication2016-01-13 17:26:11
MaintainerKoen Plevoets <>

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Man pages

cd_plot: Plotting a Cumulative Distribution

centers_ca: Compute Coordinates for Cluster Centers

complete_pvpick: Complete the Output of 'pvpick'

Ctxt_Dut.txt: Context Words for seventeen Dutch Words

Ctxt_Eng.txt: Context Words for seventeen Dutch Words Translated from...

Ctxt_Fra.txt: Context Words for seventeen Dutch Words Translated from...

dist_chisquare: Compute Chi-square Distances

dist_cosine: Compute Cosine Distances

dist_wrt: Compute Distances with respect to a certain Point

dist_wrt_centers: Compute Distances with respect to Cluster Centers

fast_dca: Discriminant Correspondence Analysis

fast_E_M: EM clustering

fast_lca: Latent Class Analysis

fast_lsa: Latent Semantic Analysis

fast_mca: Multiple Correspondence Analysis

fast_nmf: Non-negative Matrix Factorization

fast_psa: Probabilistic Latent Semantic Analysis

fast_sca: Simple Correspondence Analysis

freq_ca: Compute Level Frequencies (for a Factor)

InvT_Eng.txt: Seventeen Dutch Target Words and their English Source Words

InvT_Fra.txt: Seventeen Dutch Target Words and their French Source Words

MI: Mutual Information

outerec: Recursive Application of the Outer Product

pc_plot: Plotting Parallel Coordinates

pmi: Pointwise Mutual Information

SndT_Eng.txt: Seventeen Dutch Source Words and their English Translations

SndT_Fra.txt: Seventeen Dutch Source Words and their French Translations

svs-package: Tools for Semantic Vector Spaces

tab2dat: Transform a Table into a Data Frame

tab2ind: Transform a Table into an Indicator Matrix

vec2ind: Transform a Vector into an Indicator Matrix

weighting_functions: Weighting Functions


cd_plot Man page
centers_ca Man page
complete_pvpick Man page
Ctxt_Dut.txt Man page
Ctxt_Eng.txt Man page
Ctxt_Fra.txt Man page
dist_chisq Man page
dist_chisquare Man page
dist_cos Man page
dist_cosine Man page
dist_wrt Man page
dist_wrt_centers Man page
fast_dca Man page
fast_EM Man page
fast_E_M Man page
fast_lca Man page
fast_lsa Man page
fast_lsi Man page
fast_mca Man page
fast_nmf Man page
fast_nmf_Al Man page
fast_nmf_Fr Man page
fast_nmf_KL Man page
fast_plsa Man page
fast_plsi Man page
fast_psa Man page
fast_psi Man page
fast_sca Man page
freq_ca Man page
gw_bin Man page
gw_ent Man page
gw_gfidf Man page
gw_idf Man page
gw_idf_alt Man page
gw_nor Man page
gw_raw Man page
InvT_Eng.txt Man page
InvT_Fra.txt Man page
lw_bin Man page
lw_log Man page
lw_raw Man page
lw_tf Man page
mi Man page
MI Man page
outerec Man page
pc_plot Man page
pmi Man page
PMI Man page
SndT_Eng.txt Man page
SndT_Fra.txt Man page
svs-package Man page
tab2dat Man page
tab2ind Man page
vec2ind Man page
weighting_functions Man page

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