Man pages for svs
Tools for Semantic Vector Spaces

cd_plotPlotting a Cumulative Distribution
centers_caCompute Coordinates for Cluster Centers
complete_pvpickComplete the Output of 'pvpick'
Ctxt_Dut.txtContext Words for seventeen Dutch Words
Ctxt_Eng.txtContext Words for seventeen Dutch Words Translated from...
Ctxt_Fra.txtContext Words for seventeen Dutch Words Translated from...
dist_chisquareCompute Chi-square Distances
dist_cosineCompute Cosine Distances
dist_wrtCompute Distances with respect to a certain Point
dist_wrt_centersCompute Distances with respect to Cluster Centers
fast_dcaDiscriminant Correspondence Analysis
fast_E_MEM clustering
fast_lcaLatent Class Analysis
fast_lsaLatent Semantic Analysis
fast_mcaMultiple Correspondence Analysis
fast_nmfNon-negative Matrix Factorization
fast_psaProbabilistic Latent Semantic Analysis
fast_scaSimple Correspondence Analysis
freq_caCompute Level Frequencies (for a Factor or Vector)
InvT_Eng.txtSeventeen Dutch Target Words and their English Source Words
InvT_Fra.txtSeventeen Dutch Target Words and their French Source Words
MIMutual Information
outerecRecursive Application of the Outer Product
pc_plotPlotting Parallel Coordinates
pmiPointwise Mutual Information
SndT_Eng.txtSeventeen Dutch Source Words and their English Translations
SndT_Fra.txtSeventeen Dutch Source Words and their French Translations
svs-packageTools for Semantic Vector Spaces
tab2datTransform a Table into a Data Frame
tab2indTransform a Table into an Indicator Matrix
vec2indTransform a Vector into an Indicator Matrix
weighting_functionsWeighting Functions
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