Man pages for sybilccFBA
Cost Constrained Flux Balance Analysis (ccFBA): MetabOlic Modeling with ENzyme kineTics (MOMENT)

addGlcTrnsadd Glucose Transport constraint
calc_MWCalculate molecular weights
cfba_momentFunction: cfba_moment: implement MOMENT method
cfba_moment_mrFunction: cfba_moment_mr: implement MOMENT method taking into...
cfba_moment_pwFunction: cfba_moment_pw: implement MOMENT method
getccFBA_matgetccFBA_mat: get ccFBA model as a constraint matrix
getGpr1isoChoose the the smallest isoenzyme
getRevFluxget fluxes of reversible model
iAF1260Escherichia coli Metabolic Model iAF1260
iJO1366Escherichia coli Metabolic Model iJO1366
iML1515Escherichia coli Metabolic Model iML1515
iMM904Saccharomyces cerevisiae Metabolic Model
initialize-methodsInitialize Problem Object
kcatEscherichia coli KCAT values used in MOMENT method
mwEscherichia coli molecular weight values used in MOMENT...
mw_iML1515SEColi metabolic genes molecular weight values used in...
readmodelread MOMENT model
simulate_EColiSimulate Ecoli
sybilccFBA-packageCost Constrained Flux Balance Analysis(ccFBA)
sysBiolAlg_ccFBA-classClass '"sysBiolAlg_ccFBA"'
yst_kcatSaccharomyces cerevisiae KCAT values used in MOMENT method
yst_mwSaccharomyces cerevisiae molecular weight values used in...
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