Man pages for tensorflow
R Interface to 'TensorFlow'

all_dimsAll dims
evaluateEvaluate a Model
export_savedmodelExport a Saved Model
install_tensorflowInstall TensorFlow and its dependencies
install_tensorflow_extrasInstall additional Python packages alongside TensorFlow
parse_argumentsParse Command Line Arguments
parse_flagsParse Configuration Flags for a TensorFlow Application
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
shapeTensor shape
sub-.tensorflow.tensorSubset tensors with '['
tensorboardTensorBoard Visualization Tool
tensorflowTensorFlow for R
tfMain TensorFlow module
tf_configTensorFlow configuration information
tfe_enable_eager_executionEnables, for the rest of the lifetime of this program, eager...
tf_extract_optsTensor extract options
trainTrain a Model
train_and_evaluateSimultaneously Train and Evaluate a Model
use_session_with_seedUse a session with a random seed
view_savedmodelView a Saved Model
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