tf_function: Creates a callable TensorFlow graph from an R function.

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Creates a callable TensorFlow graph from an R function.


tf_function constructs a callable that executes a TensorFlow graph created by tracing the TensorFlow operations in f. This allows the TensorFlow runtime to apply optimizations and exploit parallelism in the computation defined by f.


tf_function(f, input_signature = NULL, autograph = TRUE, ...)



the function to be compiled


A possibly nested sequence of tf$TensorSpec objects specifying the shapes and dtypes of the tensors that will be supplied to this function. If NULL, a separate function is instantiated for each inferred input signature. If input_signature is specified, every input to f must be a tensor.


TRUE or FALSE. If TRUE (the default), you can use tensors in R control flow expressions if, while, for and break and they will be traced into the tensorflow graph. A guide to getting started and additional details can be found: here


additional arguments passed on to tf.function (vary based on Tensorflow version). See here for details.


A guide to getting started with tf.function can be found here.

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