Man pages for ternvis
Visualisation, Verification and Calibration of Ternary Probabilistic Forecasts

footFootball betting dataset
rainTernary precipitation forecast data set
tcalibrateCalibration of ternary forecasts
tcolourAssign a colour to a ternary forecast
ternvis-packageVisualisation, verification and calibration of ternary...
tgetcalGet a linear or quadratic calibration of ternary forecast /...
tgridCreate a grid of points in barycentric coordinates
tmapDemonstration of how to make coloured maps of ternary...
tpaletteDraw a palette of the colours assigned to ternary forecasts
tplotPlot ternary forecasts in barycentric coordinates.
tscaleRescale a 3-vector to yield a ternary forecast
tscoreCalculate the (Brier) score associated with ternary forecasts...
tsetupUtility function to calculate geometry associated with a...
tverifyVerification of ternary forecasts / observations
xfx coordinate of a ternary forecast in barycentric coordinates
yfy coordinate of a ternary forecast in barycentric coordinates
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