Man pages for threeBrain
3D Brain Visualization

AbstractGeomR6 Class - Abstract Class of Geometries
BlankGeomA geometry that renders nothing
brain_proxyShiny Proxy for Viewer
brain_setupSetup Package, Install Environment
check_freesurfer_pathFunction to check whether 'FreeSurfer' folder has everything...
create_groupCreate a geometry group containing multiple geometries
DataCubeGeomR6 Class - Generate Data Cube Geometry
DataCubeGeom2R6 Class - Generate Data Cube Geometry via 3D Volume Texture
FreeGeomR6 Class - Generate Geometry from Vertices and Face Indices
freesurfer_brainRead 'FreeSurfer' surface and volume files
geom_freemeshCreates any mesh geometry given vertices and face indices
GeomGroupR6 Class - Generate Group of Geometries
geom_sphereCreate sphere geometry
get_digest_headerFunction to read digest header
import_from_freesurferImport from 'FreeSurfer' and create 'JSON' cache for 3D...
merge_brainCreate Multi-subject Template
ravepyManage Python Environment from RAVE
read_fs_ascRead 'FreeSurfer' ascii file
read_fs_labelsRead FreeSurfer Annotations
read_fs_m3zRead 'FreeSurfer' m3z file
read_fs_mgh_mgzRead 'FreeSurfer' 'mgz/mgh' file
read_gii2Function to load surface data from 'Gifti' files
read_mgzFunction to load 'FreeSurfer' 'mgz/mgh' file
renderBrainShiny Renderer for threeBrain Widgets
reorient_volumeFunction to reshape data to 'RAS' order
save_brainSave threeBrain widgets to local file system
SphereGeomR6 Class - Generate Sphere Geometry
template_subjectDownload and Manage Template Subjects
threejs_brainCreate a Threejs Brain and View it in Browsers
threejsBrainOutputShiny Output for threeBrain Widgets
three_scatter3D Scatter Plot
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