Defines functions .onLoad

.onLoad <- function(libname, pkgname) {

  # Ensure options are set.
  setTikzDefaults(overwrite = FALSE)

  # Perform a search for executable TeX compilers. R options, environment
  # variables and common paths will be checked. If PdfLaTeX can not be found,
  # loading of this package will be aborted as a LaTeX compiler is required in
  # order to determine string metrics. Other compilers, such as XeLaTeX, are
  # optional.
  foundLatex <- FALSE
  foundXelatex <- FALSE
  foundLualatex <- FALSE

  latexLocs <- list(

  # Only check for xelatex and lualatex in the options and the PATH variable
  # since there are no R environment variables for these compilers.
  xelatexLocs <- list(

  lualatexLocs <- list(

  # Non-Windows users are likely to use some derivative of TeX Live. This next
  # test primarily covers the fact that R.app does not include `/usr/texbin` on
  # the search path on OS X.
  if (.Platform[["OS.type"]] == "unix") {
    # Using explicit list insertion because the `c` function drops attributes
    # and thus destroys S3 objects. Writing 3 new class methods for PATH,
    # OBJECT and ENV_VAR is just overkill.
    latexLocs[[length(latexLocs) + 1]] <- PATH("/usr/texbin/pdflatex")
    xelatexLocs[[length(xelatexLocs) + 1]] <- PATH("/usr/texbin/xelatex")
    lualatexLocs[[length(lualatexLocs) + 1]] <- PATH("/usr/texbin/lualatex")

  for (latexPath in latexLocs) {
    if (isExecutable(latexPath)) {
      foundLatex <- TRUE
      options(tikzLatex = as.character(latexPath), tikzLatexDefault = as.character(latexPath))

  for (xelatexPath in xelatexLocs) {
    if (isExecutable(xelatexPath)) {
      foundXelatex <- TRUE
      options(tikzXelatex = as.character(xelatexPath), tikzXelatexDefault = as.character(xelatexPath))

  for (lualatexPath in lualatexLocs) {
    if (isExecutable(lualatexPath)) {
      foundLualatex <- TRUE
      options(tikzLualatex = as.character(lualatexPath), tikzLualatexDefault = as.character(lualatexPath))

  if (!foundLatex) {
      "\n\ntikzDevice: No appropriate LaTeX compiler could be found.\n",
      "Access to LaTeX is required in order for the TikZ device\n",
      "to produce output.\n\n",
      "The following places were tested for a valid LaTeX compiler:\n\n\t",
      paste(sapply(latexLocs, format), collapse = "\n\t"),
      "\n\nIf you have a working LaTeX compiler, try one of the\n",
      "following solutions:",

      "\n\n\tSet the path to your compiler as the value of either latexcmd or",
      "\n\ttikzLatex in .Rprofile using options().",

      "\n\n\tSet the path to your compiler as the value of either R_LATEXCMD or",
      "\n\tR_PDFLATEXCMD in .Renviron.",

      "\n\n\tEnsure the folder containing your compiler is included in PATH.\n"

# Any variables defined in here will be hidden
# from normal users.
.tikzInternal <- new.env()

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