Man pages for tmhmm
Interface to TMHMM

are_tmhsAre the sequences TMHs?
check_tmhmm_installationChecks the installation of TMHMM. Throws a helpful error...
check_topologyCheck if the topology is valid.
default_params_docThis function does nothing. It is intended to inherit is...
get_default_tmhmm_bin_pathGet the default path to the TMHMM binary
get_default_tmhmm_folderGet the path to the folder where this package installs TMHMM...
get_tmhmm_urlGet an URL to download TMHMM from. These URLs expire.
install_tmhmmInstall NetMHC2pan to a local folder
install_tmhmm_binInstall the NetMHC2pan binary to a local folder
is_locatome_lineIs the line of text the locatome, as used within a FASTA...
is_on_travisDetermines if the environment is Travis CI
is_protein_name_lineIs the line of text the name of a protein, as used within a...
is_tmhDetermine if the protein sequence contains at least one TMH.
is_tmhmm_bin_installedMeasure if TMHMM binary is installed locally
is_tmhmm_installedMeasure if TMHMM is installed locally
is_tmhmm_resultIs the text a TMHMM result text?
is_tmhmm_set_upDetermine if TMHMM is set up
is_url_validIs the download URL valid?
locatome_to_dfConvert a multi-line locatome to a tidy data frame
plot_locatomePlot the locatome
run_tmhmmRun TMHMM
run_tmhmm_on_sequenceRun TMHMM directy on a protein sequence
run_tmhmm_to_fileCreates a FASTA-like file, that has the locations of the...
set_up_tmhmmSet up TMHMM
tally_locatomeTally each location in a locatome
tally_tmhsCount the number of transmembrane helices in a topology
tmhmmtmhmm: estimate the topoplogy of membrane proteins
tmhmm_self_testSelf-test the TMHMM installation
uninstall_tmhmmUninstall TMHMM
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