treecm: Centre of Mass Assessment and Consolidation of Trees

The centre of mass is a crucial data for arborists in order to consolidate a tree using steel or dynamic cables. Given field-recorded data on branchiness of a tree, the package: (i) computes and plots the centre of mass of the tree itself, (ii) computes branches slenderness coefficient in order to aid the arborist identify potentially dangerous branches, and (iii) computes the force acting on a ground plinth and its best position relating to the tree centre of mass, should the tree need to be stabilized by a steel cable.

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AuthorMarco Bascietto <>
Date of publication2015-12-15 16:55:47
MaintainerMarco Bascietto <>

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Man pages

allometryABDC: Returns the fresh weight of a stone pine branch

allometryAsca2011: Returns the fresh weight of a stone pine branch

allometryCutini2009: Returns the biomass of a stone pine tree

allometryPorte2002: Returns the biomass of a maritime pine branch

anchorRange: Min/max values for the anchor position along the stem

branchSR: Compute the slenderness ratio

buildMomentObject: Constructor for the generic class moment

buildTreeMomentObject: Constructor for the generic class treeMoment

calcMoment: Computes moment and returns the moment object

centreOfMass: Computes the centre of mass of the tree

centreOfMassAngle: Returns the angle between CM modulus and the tree weight...

centreOfMassModulus: Computes the modulus of the CM vector

Dst: Green wood density data for a few tree species

getCoordinatesAndMoment: Returns the coordinates of centre of mass of branches and...

getMoment: Returns the moment

getPlinthForce: Computes the force on the plinth on the ground

importFieldData: Imports field data from csv file

logBiomass: Estimates the wood biomass of logs and truncated branches

logPathSelection: Returns tree logs and branches being part of the "main stem"

plot.CM: Plots tree CM

plotPolarSegment: Plots a segment

plot.SR: Plots slenderness ratio of branches

plot.vector: Plots branches and logs

powerEquation: Returns the result of an exponential equation

print.CM: Simple print of Centre of Mass data

pureQuadraticEquation: Returns the result of a pure quadratic equation

setBranchesCM: Stores branches CM in an object

stonePine1FieldData: Raw CSV file of field recorded values for a stone pine tree

stonePine1TreeData: Field recorded values for a stone pine tree

stonePine2FieldData: Raw CSV file of field recorded values for a stone pine tree

summary.CM: Summary of Centre of Mass data

toCartesianXY: Computes the x,y cartesian coordinates

toCartesianXYZ: Returns vector cartesian coordinates

toPolar: Converts cartesian (x, y) into polar (angle, distance)...

treeBiomass: Computes masses of branches and logs

treecm-package: Assessment of the position of the centre of mass of trees

treeSR: Computes slenderness ratio for tree branches

treeTotalBiomass: Returns the total biomass of the tree

treeVectors: Computes cartesian coordinates and moments of branches and...


allometryABDC Man page
allometryAsca2011 Man page
allometryCutini2009 Man page
allometryPorte2002 Man page
anchorRange Man page
branchSR Man page
buildMomentObject Man page
buildTreeMomentObject Man page
calcMoment Man page
centreOfMass Man page
centreOfMassAngle Man page
centreOfMassModulus Man page
Dst Man page
getCoordinatesAndMoment Man page
getMoment Man page
getPlinthForce Man page
importFieldData Man page
logBiomass Man page
logPathSelection Man page
plot.CM Man page
plotPolarSegment Man page
plot.SR Man page
plot.vector Man page
powerEquation Man page
print.CM Man page
pureQuadraticEquation Man page
setBranchesCM Man page
stonePine1FieldData Man page
stonePine1TreeData Man page
stonePine2FieldData Man page
summary.CM Man page
toCartesianXY Man page
toCartesianXYZ Man page
toPolar Man page
treeBiomass Man page
treecm Man page
treecm-package Man page
treeSR Man page
treeTotalBiomass Man page
treeVectors Man page

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