importFieldData: Imports field data from csv file

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Imports csv file holding field recorded data returning a list holding field and other key data provided as arguments.

Field measures to be taken on logs and branches include:

  • Azimuth (azimuth): mean angle of orientation of the branch or log measured from the base of the tree (usually with magnetic north as reference, measured clockwise), mandatory

  • Diameter at base (dBase): diameter at insertion point on the stem, for branches, diameter of the lower section for logs, mandatory

  • Diameter at top (dTip): always 0 for branches, diameter of the higher section for logs, defaults to 0, mandatory only for logs

  • Length (length): length of logs or branches, mandatory for logs, mandatory for branches only if their slenderness coefficient is to be computed

  • Distance (tipD): length of branch or log projection on the ground, starting from tree base to tip of branch or log, mandatory

  • Height (height): height of branch insertion on the stem or height of lower section of the log, to be used to compute z coordinate of CM, defaults to NA, mandatory only for z determination of CM

  • Tilt (tilt): mean branch tilt or log tilt from the horizontal plane (eg a vertical branch is 90 degrees, an horizontal branch is 0 degrees), to be used to compute z coordinate of CM, defaults to 0, mandatory only for z determination of CM. Note however that the tree tip should be considered as a branch, not a log, in order to account for foliage biomass. In this case the tilt value should be recorded otherwise it would default to 0, ie an horizontal branch

  • To be pruned (toBePruned): a boolean value, defaults to FALSE, optional

  • Path to tip (pathToTip): a boolean value TRUE on logs and branches that make part of the “main stem” of the tree, defaults to FALSE, optional


importFieldData(fileName, dst, branchesAllometryFUN, bCM = 1)



Name of csv file holding field data


Fresh density of wood of the tree


the function that should compute branch biomass from its diameter


Estimated position of the centre of mass of branches, a real number from 0.01 (CM at branch base) to 1.00 (CM at branch tip). As a rule of thumb, average live branches, with an average amount of foliage, have CM approx. from 1/3 to 2/3 of their length. bCM = 1.0 (default value)


a list of 4 elements: field data, wood fresh density, allometryFUN function and branches CM

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