allometryPorte2002: Returns the biomass of a maritime pine branch

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Returns the woody biomass of a maritime pine branch (dry state, no leaves!) in kg given the diameter, using an allometric equation


allometryPorte2002(x, diameter)



a data frame holding diameters of branches


the name of the column holding diameter of the x data frame, diameters should be in cm


the woody biomass (dry state, no leaves!) of the branch of a maritime pine (in kg)


The allometric equation has been validated for <10 cm diameter branches, extrapolation on larger branches my yield unreasonable results.

The allometric equation takes the form of a power equation


Port\'e, A. and Trichet, P. and Bert, D. and Loustau, D. 2002, Allometric relationships for branch and tree woody biomass of Maritime pine (Pinus pinaster Ait.) Forest Ecology and Management, 158, 71–83

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