allometryCutini2009: Returns the biomass of a stone pine tree

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Returns total biomass of a stone pine tree (wood and leaves, dry state) in kg given the diameter at breast height, using an allometric equation


allometryCutini2009(x, diameter)



a data frame holding diameters of branches


the name of the column holding diameter of the x data frame, diameters should be in cm


the total biomass of the branch of a stone pine (in kg, dry state)


Use this function at you own risk, it has been validated for trees (ie: >24 cm diameters).

The allometric equation takes the form of a pure quadratic equation


Cutini, A. and Hajny, M. and Gugliotta, O. and Manetti, M. and Amorini, E. 2009, Effetti della struttura del popolamento sui modelli di stima del volume e della biomassa epigea (Pineta di Castelfusano - Roma) Forest@, 6, 75–84 Tipo B

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