trelloR: R API for Trello

Provides access to Trello API (<>). A family of GET functions make it easy to retrieve cards, labels, members, teams and other data from both public and private boards. Server responses are formatted upon retrieval. Automated paging allows for large requests that exceed server limit. See <> for more information.

AuthorJakub Chromec [aut, cre], Irina Matusevich [ctb]
Date of publication2016-09-23 00:01:56
MaintainerJakub Chromec <>

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get_board Man page
get_board_actions Man page
get_board_cards Man page
get_board_checklists Man page
get_board_comments Man page
get_board_labels Man page
get_board_lists Man page
get_board_members Man page
get_card Man page
get_card_actions Man page
get_card_checklists Man page
get_card_comments Man page
get_card_labels Man page
get_card_members Man page
get_flat Man page
get_id Man page
get_id_board Man page
get_id_card Man page
get_list Man page
get_list_actions Man page
get_list_cards Man page
get_list_comments Man page
get_member_boards Man page
get_member_fields Man page
get_my_boards Man page
get_team Man page
get_team_boards Man page
get_team_members Man page
trello_get Man page
trello_get_token Man page
trello_search Man page
trello_search_actions Man page
trello_search_boards Man page
trello_search_cards Man page
trello_search_members Man page
trello_search_teams Man page

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