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This document explains how to add, update and delete resources via Trello API. This requires authentication, as explained here.

Creating and modifying resources

The create_resource() function allows you to create new boards, cards, lists and other resources. To create a new resource, specify its type (e.g. "card") using the resource argument. Further details such as name or description must be passed as a named list using the body argument.

The following example creates a new card and places it at the bottom of a list (see the Trello API reference for query parameters):

payload = list(
  name = "My new card!", desc = "An example card.", 
  pos = "bottom",
  idList = list_id # get it by calling get_board_lists()
create_resource(model = "card", body = payload)

When successful, the request returns a named list of values describing the newly created resource, including its ID. This is very useful as you can immediately capture the ID if you need it.

The update_resource() function follows the similar logic, but can only be used with existing resources.

To delete resources, use delete_resource(), but beware: Deleted resources cannot be brought back!

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