Man pages for tsbox
Class-Agnostic Time Series

copy_classRe-Class ts-Boxable Object
relevant_classExtract Relevant Class
ts_Constructing ts-Functions
ts_arithmeticArithmetic Operators for ts-boxable objects
ts_bindBind Time Series
ts_boxableTest if an Object is ts-Boxable
tsbox-defunctStart and end of time series
tsbox-packagetsbox: Class-Agnostic Time Series
ts_cCollect Time Series
ts_defaultDefault Column Names
ts_dtsInternal Time Series Class
ts_examplesPrincipal Components, Dygraphs, Forecasts, Seasonal...
ts_first_of_periodUse First Date of a Period
ts_frequencyChange Frequency
ts_ggplotPlot Time Series, Using ggplot2
ts_indexIndices from Levels or Percentage Rates
ts_lagLag or Lead of Time Series
ts_longReshaping Multiple Time Series
ts_na_omitOmit NA values
ts_pcFirst Differences and Percentage Change Rates
ts_pickPick Series (Experimental)
ts_plotPlot Time Series
ts_regularEnforce Regularity
ts_saveSave Previous Plot
ts_scaleScale and Center Time Series
ts_spanLimit Time Span
ts_summaryTime Series Properties
ts_trendLoess Trend Estimation
ts_tsConvert Everything to Everything
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