unfoldr-package: Stereological Unfolding for Spheroidal Particles

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Stereological unfolding as implemented in this package consists of the estimation of the joint size-shape-orientation distribution of spheroidal shaped particles based on the same measured quantities of corresponding vertical section profiles. A single trivariate discretized version of the (stereological) integral equation in the case of prolate and oblate spheroids is solved numerically by a variant of the well-known Expectation Maximization (EM) algorithm. In addition, routines for estimating the empirical diameter distribution of spheres from planar sections (better known as the Wicksell's corpuscle problem [3]) is also implemented. The package also provides functions for the simulation of Poisson germ-grain processes with either spheroids, spherocylinders or spheres as grains including functions for planar and vertical sections and digitization of section profiles.


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