unfold: Stereological unfolding

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Unfolding the (joint) distribution of planar parameters


unfold(sp, nclass, maxIt = 64, nCores = getOption("par.unfoldr", 1), ...)



section profiles


number of classes


maximum number of EM iterations


number of cpu cores used


optional arguments passed to setbreaks


This is a S3 method for either trivariate stereological unfolding or estimation of 3d diameter distribution of spheres (Wicksell's corpuscle problem). The function aggregates all intermediate calculation steps required for the unfolding procedure given the data in the prescribed format and returning the parameters as count data in histogram form. The section profiles object sp, see sectionProfiles, is either of class prolate or oblate for the reconstruction of spheroids or in case of spheres the sp is simply a numeric vector of circle diameters. Here, the class of section profiles corresponds to the type of objects that will be reconstructed. The number of bin classes is set by the argument nclass which is either a scalar value in case of Wicksell's corpuscle problem or a vector of length three defined in the order of the number of size, angle and shape class limits. Using multiple cpu cores during the calculations is controlled by either setting the option 'par.unfoldr' to a user chosen amount of cores or by the argument nCores directly. The return value of the function is an object of class unfold whose arguments are as follows


object of class unfold

See Also

setbreaks, binning3d

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