Man pages for unikn
Graphical Elements of the University of Konstanz's Corporate Design

acAdjust color transparency
all_colorsProvide all unikn colors and base R colors color Bordeaux
demopalDemonstrate a color palette (in a plot)
get_col_namesGet color names color Grau
grepalGet a vector of colors whose names match a regular expression
headingPlot a heading (as marked text elements) color Karpfenblau
markPlot marked (or highlighted) text elements
newpalDefine a new color palette color palette bordeaux color palette grau color palette karpfenblau color palette peach color palette petrol color palette pinky color palette seeblau color palette seegruen color palette signal (Ampel colors) default color palette (11 colors) color palette of dark colors (10 colors) color palette of light colors (10 colors) color palette of pairwise colors (16 colors) secondary color palette (ppt version) color palette of preferred colors (9 colors) default color palette (web version) color Peach color Petrol color Pinky
postPost text (in an xbox) color Seeblau
seecolPlot color palettes (to see their colors) color Seegruen
shades_ofGet n shades of a color color Signal or alert
simcolFind similar colors
slidePlot a slide (or frame)
theme_grauAlternative theme (for ggplot2)
theme_uniknBasic unikn theme (for ggplot2)
ulinePlot underlined text elements
unikn.guideOpen the unikn package guides
url_unikn'url_unikn' formats an URL the way
usecolUse a color or color palette
xboxPlot a box (with x)
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