demopal: Demonstrate a color palette (in a plot)

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Demonstrate a color palette (in a plot)


demopal provides an example plot of some type to illustrate a color palette pal.


demopal(pal = pal_unikn, type = NA, pal_name = NULL, ...)



A color palette (to be illustrated). Default: pal = pal_unikn.


The type of plot to be used (as character string or integer value). Permissible types are "bar", "curve", "mosaic", "polygon", or "scatter" (or an integer value from 1 to 5, respectively).


A name for the input color palette pal (shown on bottom-right margin). Default: pal_name = NULL (deparsing to input name).


Auxiliary arguments passed to type-specific plots (see details).


The demopal wrapper function passes a range of arguments to more specific functions. Common arguments include:

  • col_par Default color for par(col);

  • alpha Default value for color transparency (in 0:1);

  • n A scaling parameter (for random data generation);

  • main plot title (on top);

  • sub plot subtitle (on right margin);

  • seed A random seed value (for reproducible randomness).

The fit between a color palette pal and plot type depends on the uses of colors in a plot. For instance, overlaps of transparent color areas can be evaluated with plot type = "curve" or plot type = "scatter" (and 0 < alpha < 1).

Some functions additionally accept type-specific arguments (e.g., beside, horiz, and as_prop, for plot type = "bar", and cex for plot type = "scatter").

The type-specific functions usually generate some random data (scaled by a parameter n) that is being plotted. This data is returned (as an invisible R object) to enable a plot's reconstruction.


The random data that was plotted (as an invisible R object).

See Also

seepal for plotting color palettes; usecol for using color palettes; shades_of to defining shades of a given color; ac for adjusting color transparency; pal_unikn for the default color palette.

Other color functions: ac(), grepal(), newpal(), seecol(), shades_of(), simcol(), usecol()


demopal(pal = pal_petrol, type = 1)

my_pal <- c(rev(pal_pinky), pal_seeblau) 
# Selecting plot type:
demopal(my_pal, type = 2)          # by numeric index
demopal(my_pal, type = "polygon")  # by name

# Passing type-specific arguments:
demopal(type = "scatter", col_par = "black", n = 200, cex = c(2, 4, 6), seed = 101)

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