pal_unikn_pref: color palette of preferred colors (9 colors)

pal_unikn_prefR Documentation color palette of preferred colors (9 colors)


pal_unikn_pref provides an additional color palette that collects the preferred color of each palette as a data frame containing 9 (or 8 + 1) colors.




An object of class data.frame with 1 rows and 9 columns.


The colors are arranged in a sequence that provides high contrasts between adjacent colors.

Note that the (alert) color Signal is not a preferred color according to the official color definition.

See for details.

See Also

pal_unikn for the default color palette; seecol for viewing and comparing color palettes; usecol for using color palettes.

Other color palettes: pal_bordeaux, pal_grau, pal_karpfenblau, pal_peach, pal_petrol, pal_pinky, pal_seeblau, pal_seegruen, pal_signal, pal_unikn_dark, pal_unikn_light, pal_unikn_pair, pal_unikn_ppt, pal_unikn_web, pal_unikn


dim(pal_unikn_pref)  # 1 9

# Access by position:
pal_unikn_pref[1]    # color Seeblau (as df)
pal_unikn_pref[[1]]  # color value "#59C7EB" 

# Access by name: 
pal_unikn_pref["Seeblau"]   # color "seeblau3" (as df) 
pal_unikn_pref[["Seeblau"]] # color value "#59C7EB" 

# Viewing/using color palette:
demopal(pal_unikn_pref, type = "mosaic", main = "Preferred colors of Konstanz University")

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