Raotbl6: Data set used by Yash P. Mehra (1994)

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This data set contains quarterly data for the U.S.A. in Yash P. Mehra's article: “Wage Growth and the Inflation Process: An Empirical Approach" for his wage-price equations.




A data frame with quarterly data from 1959:1 until 1989:3.

rgnp Real GNP.
pgnp Potential real GNP.
ulc Unit labor cost.
gdfco Fixed weight deflator for personal consumption expenditure excluding food and energy.
gdf Fixed weight GNP deflator.
gdfim Fixed weight import deflator.
gdfcf Fixed weight deflator for food in personal consumption expenditure.
gdfce Fixed weight deflator for energy in personal consumption expenditure.

Further details about the data can be found in the data appendix of Rao, “Cointegration for the Applied Economist".


Bernhard Pfaff


Yash P. Mehra (1994), Wage Growth and the Inflation Process: An Empirical Approach, in: Cointegration for the Applied Economist, ed. B. Bhaskara Rao, chapter 5, Data Appendix, Table D.6.

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