urca-class: Class 'urca'. Parent of classes in package 'urca'

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Class ‘urca’. Parent of classes in package ‘urca’


This class is the parent class of the specific classes designed holding the test specific information of the unit root/cointegration tests.

Objects from the Class

Objects can be created by calls of the form new("urca", ...), but most often the slot test.name is set by calling one of the unit root/cointegration functions, e.g ur.za.



Object of class "character". The name of the unit root/cointegration test.


No methods defined with class ‘urca’.


Bernhard Pfaff

See Also

ur.ers-class, ur.kpss-class, ca.jo-class, ca.po-class, ur.pp-class, ur.sp-class and ur.za-class.

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