Man pages for ushr
Understanding Suppression of HIV

actg315rawData from ACTG315 trial of HIV viral load in adults...
add_noiseAdd noise to viral load observations
biphasic_rootBiphasic root function
filter_dataPrepare input data
filter_dataTTSPrepare input data for non-parametric TTS calculations.
fit_modelFit model and obtain parameter estimates
get_biphasicCompute the biphasic model curve
get_CICalculate parameter confidence intervals
get_CItableMake parameter summary table
get_curveCompute the model for a given subject's data and best-fit...
get_errorEvaluate error metric between data and model prediction
get_nonparametricTTSNon-parametric TTS function
get_optim_fitFit model to data using optim
get_parametricTTSParametric TTS function
get_paramsExtract fitted parameters
get_plotthemeGet plotting theme
get_singlephaseCompute the single phase model curve
get_transformed_paramsTransform parameters
get_TTSTime to suppression (TTS) function
plot_dataPlot data
plot_modelPlot model fits
plot_TTSPlot time to suppression distribution
remove_vl0Prune viral load data
simulate_dataCreate data function
simulate_timeSimulate timepoints for subjects
simulate_time_fixedSimulate timepoints for subjects according to fixed design.
simulate_vlSimulate vl for subjects
single_rootSingle phase root function
summarize_modelSummarize model output
switch_paramsSwitch names of rate parameters
switch_simulated_paramsSwitch names of simulated rate parameters
transformVLTransform viral load data
ushrMaster function
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