Defines functions vlaunch

Documented in vlaunch

#' Generate main window for interactive plot windows
#' \code{vlauch} generates a main window which opens each pre-generated window including statistical plot with interactivity
#' @docType methods
#' @param data data frame for default data set
#' @param name character for the name of the generated scatter plot
#' @param tag character for the common name of a series of linked plots
#' @param path character string of a directory for writing HTML and SVG files
#' @param iframe logical; if \code{TRUE}, all plot windows are displayed in the main window as inline frames
#' @param browse logical; if \code{TRUE}, browse the main window by the default web browser through the local web server; if \code{FALSE}, generating only
#' @export
#' @examples
#' \donttest{
#' data(vsfuk2012)
#' vscat(MarriageRate, DivorceRate, vsfuk2012, "scat1", "vsfuk2012", colour=Type)
#' vhist(FertilityRate, vsfuk2012, "hist1", "vsfuk2012", fill=Type)
#' vlaunch(vsfuk2012, "main", "vsfuk2012", browse=FALSE)
#' }

vlaunch <- function(data, name, tag, path = tempdir(), iframe=FALSE, browse=TRUE){
  fn <- paste0(name, ".", tag)
  basehtmlfn <- paste0(".", tag, ".svg.html")
  htmlfn <- paste0(name, basehtmlfn)
  #fnregex <- paste0("*", basehtmlfn)
  plotfilelist <- list.files(path, pattern=paste0("*", basehtmlfn))
  plotfilenames <- gsub(paste0(basehtmlfn), "", plotfilelist)
  winlist <- paste0("var winlist=['",
                        paste(plotfilenames, collapse=",")),

  jspath <- file.path(system.file(package="vdmR"), "exec/vdmr_main.js")
  file.copy(jspath, paste0(path, "/", fn, ".js"), overwrite=TRUE)
  csspath <- file.path(system.file(package="vdmR"), "exec/vdmr_main.css")
  file.copy(csspath, paste0(path, "/", fn, ".css"), overwrite=TRUE)
  z <- file(paste0(path, "/", fn, ".html"),"w")
  cat("<html><head><title>", file=z)
  cat(fn, file=z)
  cat("</title></head>", file=z)

  cat("<script type=\"text/javascript\"><!--\n", file=z)
  cat(winlist, file=z)
  cat(paste0("var tag='",tag,"';\n"), file=z)
  cat(paste0("var colnames= ", rjson::toJSON(colnames(data)), ";"), file=z)
  cat("\n//--></script>\n", file=z)
  cat("<script type=\"text/javascript\" src=\"", file=z)
  cat(paste0(fn, ".js"), file=z)
  cat("\"></script>", file=z)
  cat("<link rel=\"stylesheet\" type=\"text/css\" href=\"", file=z)
  cat(paste0(fn, ".css"), file=z)
  cat("\">", file=z)
  cat("<link rel=\"stylesheet\" type=\"text/css\" href=\"//cdn.datatables.net/1.10.0/css/jquery.dataTables.css\">", file=z)
  cat("<script type=\"text/javascript\" charset=\"utf8\" src=\"//code.jquery.com/jquery-1.10.2.min.js\"></script>", file=z)
  cat("<script type=\"text/javascript\" charset=\"utf8\" src=\"//cdn.datatables.net/1.10.0/js/jquery.dataTables.js\"></script>
", file=z)
  cat("<body onload=\"init();\">", file=z)

  	cat("<div id=\"buttons\"></div><br/>", file=z)

  data.ncol <- ncol(data)
  cat("<form id=\"form1\">Identify: <select id=\"identify\" name=\"identify\">", file=z)
  cat(paste0(rep("<option value=\"", data.ncol), 0:(data.ncol-1), "\">",
  					 colnames(data), "</option>"), file=z)
  cat("</select>", file=z)
  cat("&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Selection Box: <select id=\"selbox\" onChange=\"setSelToolVisibility(this)\"><option value=\"visible\">visible</option>", file=z)
  cat("<option value=\"hidden\">hidden</option></select></form>", file=z)

	  cat("<div id=\"inlineplot\" style=\"width:100%; height:400\">", file=z)
  	pfnum <- length(plotfilelist)
	  for(i in 1:pfnum){
	   	cat("<iframe id=\"",plotfilenames[i],"\" scrolling=\"no\" width=\"",100/pfnum,"%\" height=\"400\" src=\"", plotfilelist[i], "\" frameborder=\"0\"></iframe>", sep="", file=z)
	  cat("</div>", file=z)
  cat("<table id=\"df\" class=\"display\" cellspacing=\"0\" width=\"100%\">", file=z)
  cat("<thead><tr>", paste(
    rep("</th>",data.ncol), sep=""
  ), "</tr></thead>", sep="", file=z)
  cat("<tbody>", file=z)
  for(r in 1:nrow(data)){
    cat("<tr>", paste0(
      rep("<td>", data.ncol),
      rep("</td>", data.ncol)
    ), "</tr>", sep="", file=z)
  cat("</tbody></table>", file=z)
  cat("</body></html>", file=z)

      s <- Rook::Rhttpd$new()
              Rook::Static$new(root=path, urls="/"),
              Rook::Redirect$new(paste0("/", fn, ".html"))))
    } else {
      #dir <- tempfile()
      #fcp <- file.copy(list.files(".",paste0("*.",tag,".*")), dir)
      utils::browseURL(file.path(paste0(path, "/", fn,".html")))

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