visualFields: Statistical Methods for Visual Fields

A collection of tools for analyzing the field of vision. It provides a framework for development and use of innovative methods for visualization, statistical analysis, and clinical interpretation of visual-field loss and its change over time. It is intended to be a tool for collaborative research.

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AuthorIvan Marin-Franch <>
Date of publication2016-01-16 12:06:24
MaintainerIvan Marin-Franch <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2.0)

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Man pages

agecalc: Calculates age

ageLinearModel: linear model for age effect on visual sensitivity

bebie: Bebie curve

colormapgraph: color legend for p-values in td and pd probability plots

createviewport: Wrapup for createviewport in package 'grid'

csplocmap: xy-position mapping between CSP-custom-device convention...

fdplocmap: xy-position mapping between FDP device convention and...

filterReliability: identify visual fields that did not pass filter for...

getnv: get normative values and location map

ghpostd: general height estimated as the rankRef-th ranked TD location

ghranktd: general height estimated from rank TD curve

gloperc: percentiles for global indices

hist_poplr: histogram for PoPLR analysis

lidLensArtifact: visual fields with lid or lens artifacts

loadvfcsv: load visual fields from a CSV file

loadvfxml: loads visual fields from a XML file

loadvfxmlbatch: loads visual fields from a set of XML files

locperc: percentiles for each location

nvcspsgalpha: IU normative reference values for Contrast Sensitiviy...

nvsapdefault: SUNY-IU normative reference values for static automated...

pdpmap: probability map for pattern deviation

pdpmapghr: probability map for pattern deviation from global sensitivity...

pdval: pattern deviation

pdvalghr: pattern deviation from general height rank (GHr)

poplr: permutation of Pointwise Linear Regression (PoPLR)

poplr_cstat: permutation of pointwise linear regression (PoPLR):...

poplr_pstat: Permutation of Pointwise Linear Regression (PoPLR):...

progols: progression by linear ordinary least squares

quad2Dfit: two-dimensional quadratic fitting for visual-field results

ringmapgraph: ring legend for p-values

saplocmap: xy-position mapping between HFA device convention and...

sdnv: standard deviations of normative values

sdnvghr: standard deviations of normative values of PD from...

setnv: set normative values and location map

stimLoc: stimulus location and size

tdpmap: probability map for total deviation

tdrank: total-deviation rank curve

tdrankadjperc: percentiles for adjusted TD rank curve

tdrankglm: GLM fit for TD rank curve

tdranknv: normative values for TD rank curve

tdrankperc: percentiles for TD rank curve

tdval: total deviation

vf91016csp1vf: a vf-object with CSP sample data with

vf91016left: a vf-object with SAP sample data

vf91016right: a vf-object with SAP sample data

vfcolormap: Color code for TD or PD probability maps

vfdemographics: demographics and statistics of sample in visual-fields object...

vfenv: environment with the current normative values used...

vfgrayscale: gray scales for sensitivities

vfidefault: Settings of visual field index

vfindex: visual field index

vfindexpmap: probability values for visual field index

vfiperc: percentiles for visual field index

vflayout: printout with results for the visual field

vflayoutghr: printout with results for the visual field

vflayout_legoplot: legoplot visualization for change in sensitivities over time...

vflayout_poplr: layout displaying the PoPLR analysis

vfobject: visualField objects

vfplot: visual field plot

vfplotloc: visual field data plot

vfplot_poplr: plot with the PoPLR analysis

vfsegmentcoord: calculate line segments to plot in 'vfplot' representing the...

vfselectvisit: select visits per subject from a vf-object

vfsettings: Settings of visualField object

vfShafi2011: SUNY-IU control data for static automated perimetry 10-2 SITA...

vfsort: sort vf-objects

vfstats: visual field stats

vfstatspmap: probability values for visual field global indices

visualFields-package: Statistical methods for visual fields

xmlblock: extracts a block from the XML file

xmldevval: extracts total-deviation values, pattern-deviation values,...

xmlitem: extracts from a loaded XML file the info of a tag

xmlvfval: extracts visual-field sensitivity values

xmlvfxy: dxtraction of (x,y)-coordinates of tested locations


agecalc Man page
ageLinearModel Man page
bebie Man page
colormapgraph Man page
createviewport Man page
csplocmap Man page
fdplocmap Man page
filterReliability Man page
getnv Man page
ghpostd Man page
ghranktd Man page
gloperc Man page
hist_poplr Man page
lidLensArtifact Man page
loadvfcsv Man page
loadvfxml Man page
loadvfxmlbatch Man page
locperc Man page
nvcspsgalpha Man page
nvsapdefault Man page
pdpmap Man page
pdpmapghr Man page
pdval Man page
pdvalghr Man page
poplr Man page
poplr_cstat Man page
poplr_pstat Man page
progols Man page
quad2Dfit Man page
ringmapgraph Man page
saplocmap Man page
sdnv Man page
sdnvghr Man page
setnv Man page
stimLoc Man page
tdpmap Man page
tdrank Man page
tdrankadjperc Man page
tdrankglm Man page
tdranknv Man page
tdrankperc Man page
tdval Man page
vf Man page
vf91016csp1vf Man page
vf91016left Man page
vf91016right Man page
vfcolormap Man page
vfdemographics Man page
vfenv Man page
vfgrayscale Man page
vfidefault Man page
vfindex Man page
vfindexpmap Man page
vfiperc Man page
vflayout Man page
vflayoutghr Man page
vflayout_legoplot Man page
vflayout_poplr Man page
vfplot Man page
vfplotloc Man page
vfplot_poplr Man page
vfsegmentcoord Man page
vfselectvisit Man page
vfsettings Man page
vfShafi2011 Man page
vfsort Man page
vfstats Man page
vfstatspmap Man page
visualFields Man page
xmlblock Man page
xmldevval Man page
xmlitem Man page
xmlvfval Man page
xmlvfxy Man page


R/poplr_pstat.R R/poplr.R R/ghpostd.R R/vfindex.R R/vfstats.R R/tdpmap.R R/vfcolormap.R R/tdval.R R/vfplot.R R/loadvfxmlbatch.R R/filterReliability.R R/ringmapgraph.R R/xmlblock.R R/vflayout_legoplot.R R/tdrankperc.R R/setnv.R R/xmlvfxy.R R/bebie.R R/progols.R R/pdval.R R/stimLoc.R R/loadvfxml.R R/pdvalghr.R R/vfplot_poplr.R R/xmldevval.R R/vflayoutghr.R R/agecalc.R R/vfgrayscale.R R/vfindexpmap.R R/vfstatspmap.R R/tdrankadjperc.R R/vfsort.R R/sdnv.R R/vflayout_poplr.R R/hist_poplr.R R/ageLinearModel.R R/vfplotloc.R R/createviewport.R R/poplr_cstat.R R/tdrank.R R/vfsegmentcoord.R R/ghranktd.R R/lidLensArtifact.R R/vfiperc.R R/locperc.R R/pdpmapghr.R R/pdpmap.R R/xmlvfval.R R/gloperc.R R/xmlitem.R R/sdnvghr.R R/vfselectvisit.R R/tdrankglm.R R/vflayout.R R/getnv.R R/tdranknv.R R/quad2Dfit.R R/colormapgraph.R R/vfdemographics.R R/loadvfcsv.R
man/xmldevval.Rd man/vfidefault.Rd man/xmlvfxy.Rd man/vfobject.Rd man/tdranknv.Rd man/vflayout_poplr.Rd man/progols.Rd man/lidLensArtifact.Rd man/vfstatspmap.Rd man/ageLinearModel.Rd man/tdpmap.Rd man/getnv.Rd man/tdrankadjperc.Rd man/createviewport.Rd man/vfiperc.Rd man/vfsettings.Rd man/ghranktd.Rd man/filterReliability.Rd man/loadvfxml.Rd man/ringmapgraph.Rd man/xmlblock.Rd man/visualFields-package.Rd man/pdval.Rd man/vflayout.Rd man/quad2Dfit.Rd man/sdnvghr.Rd man/colormapgraph.Rd man/csplocmap.Rd man/vfgrayscale.Rd man/nvsapdefault.Rd man/vflayout_legoplot.Rd man/tdrankperc.Rd man/vfplot_poplr.Rd man/ghpostd.Rd man/pdpmapghr.Rd man/poplr_cstat.Rd man/poplr.Rd man/saplocmap.Rd man/vfsegmentcoord.Rd man/loadvfxmlbatch.Rd man/pdpmap.Rd man/vf91016right.Rd man/vfdemographics.Rd man/vfplot.Rd man/vfindex.Rd man/xmlvfval.Rd man/vfShafi2011.Rd man/vfplotloc.Rd man/sdnv.Rd man/pdvalghr.Rd man/fdplocmap.Rd man/hist_poplr.Rd man/gloperc.Rd man/vfsort.Rd man/vf91016left.Rd man/vfselectvisit.Rd man/vfcolormap.Rd man/vfindexpmap.Rd man/vflayoutghr.Rd man/vfstats.Rd man/bebie.Rd man/vfenv.Rd man/vf91016csp1vf.Rd man/setnv.Rd man/tdrankglm.Rd man/nvcspsgalpha.Rd man/xmlitem.Rd man/locperc.Rd man/tdrank.Rd man/tdval.Rd man/agecalc.Rd man/poplr_pstat.Rd man/loadvfcsv.Rd man/stimLoc.Rd

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