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visualFields is a collection of tools for analyzing the field of vision. It provides a framework for development and use of innovative methods for visualization, statistical analysis, and clinical interpretation of visual-field loss and its change over time. It is intended to be a tool for collaborative research.


The development version of visualFields 1.x, can be found in For developers who want to collaborate extending, updating, and patching visualFields, all necessary imports are to be added to the source file visualFields.R. visualField developers can use the source codes here as examples on how to craft new source code and keep documentation that is consistent with the rest of the package, roxygen2, and CRAN.

The previous version of visualFields, 0.6, is still available for use in, but is no longer maintained.

This work was supported by the NIH grant number R01EY007716 and the Veterans Administration grant number I01 RX-001821-01A1.


Maintainer: Ivan Marin-Franch [reviewer, copyright holder]

Other contributors:


Marín-Franch I & Swanson WH. The visualFields package: A tool for analysis and visualization of visual fields. Journal of Vision, 2013, 13(4):10, 1-12

Turpin A, Artes PH, & McKendrick AM. The Open Perimetry Interface: An enabling tool for clinical visual psychophysics. Journal of Vision, 2012, 12(11):22, 21–25

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OPI: the Open Perimetry Initiative

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