Man pages for visualFields
Statistical Methods for Visual Fields

agecalcCalculates age
ageLinearModellinear model for age effect on visual sensitivity
bebieBebie curve
cart2jpolarconvert from Cartesian coordinate to polar coordinates for...
colormapgraphcolor legend for p-values in td and pd probability plots
createviewportWrapup for createviewport in package 'grid'
csplocmapxy-position mapping between CSP-custom-device convention...
fdplocmapxy-position mapping between FDP device convention and...
fiberpathpsiAverage path of a nerve fiber bundle function generator
filterReliabilityidentify visual fields that did not pass filter for...
gcdispaverage GC displacement from [1]
gcloc2psiAngle of incidence in the optic nerve head for vf locations
getnvget normative values and location map
ghpostdgeneral height estimated as the rankRef-th ranked TD location
ghranktdgeneral height estimated from rank TD curve
glopercpercentiles for global indices
hist_poplrhistogram for PoPLR analysis
jpolar2cartconverts to '(x,y)' in degrees from polar coordinates
lidLensArtifactvisual fields with lid or lens artifacts
loadvfcsvload visual fields from a CSV file
loadvfEyesuiteImport visual field data from Haag-Streit Eyesuite
loadvfxmlloads visual fields from a XML file
loadvfxmlbatchloads visual fields from a set of XML files
locpercpercentiles for each location
nvcspsgalphaIU normative reference values for Contrast Sensitiviy...
nvsapdefaultSUNY-IU normative reference values for static automated...
pdpmapprobability map for pattern deviation
pdpmapghrprobability map for pattern deviation from global sensitivity...
pdvalpattern deviation
pdvalghrpattern deviation from general height rank (GHr)
poplrpermutation of Pointwise Linear Regression (PoPLR)
poplr_cstatpermutation of pointwise linear regression (PoPLR):...
poplr_pstatPermutation of Pointwise Linear Regression (PoPLR):...
progolsprogression by linear ordinary least squares
psi2octAngle of incidence in the OCT scan corresponding to angle of...
quad2Dfittwo-dimensional quadratic fitting for visual-field results
retestconddistConditional retest distribution
ringmapgraphring legend for p-values
saplocmapxy-position mapping between HFA device convention and...
sdnvstandard deviations of normative values
sdnvghrstandard deviations of normative values of PD from...
setnvset normative values and location map
stimLocstimulus location and size
tdpmapprobability map for total deviation
tdranktotal-deviation rank curve
tdrankadjpercpercentiles for adjusted TD rank curve
tdrankglmGLM fit for TD rank curve
tdranknvnormative values for TD rank curve
tdrankpercpercentiles for TD rank curve
tdvaltotal deviation
vf2gclocCalculates the location of the GC soma corresponding to vf...
vf91016csp1vfa vf-object with CSP sample data with
vf91016lefta vf-object with SAP sample data
vf91016righta vf-object with SAP sample data
vfArtes2014Short-term retest static automated perimetry data
vfaverageaverage of vf-objects
vfcolormapColor code for TD or PD probability maps
vfdemographicsdemographics and statistics of sample in visual-fields object...
vfenvenvironment with the current normative values used...
vfgrayscalegray scales for sensitivities
vfidefaultSettings of visual field index
vfindexvisual field index
vfindexpmapprobability values for visual field index
vfipercpercentiles for visual field index
vflayoutprintout with results for the visual field
vflayoutghrprintout with results for the visual field
vflayout_poplrlayout displaying the PoPLR analysis
vflayout_progressprogression analysis layout
vfobjectvisualField objects
vfplotvisual field plot
vfplot_legoplotlegoplot for PoPLR analysis
vfplotlocvisual field data plot
vfplot_plrplot with the PLR analysis
vfsegmentcoordcalculate line segments to plot in 'vfplot' representing the...
vfselectvisitselect visits per subject from a vf-object
vfsettingsSettings of visualField object
vfShafi2011SUNY-IU control data for static automated perimetry 10-2 SITA...
vfsortsort vf-objects
vfstatsvisual field stats
vfstatspmapprobability values for visual field global indices
vftessellationVoronoi tessellation of vf spatial testing locations
visualFields-packageStatistical methods for visual fields
xmlblockextracts a block from the XML file
xmldevvalextracts total-deviation values, pattern-deviation values,...
xmlitemextracts from a loaded XML file the info of a tag
xmlvfvalextracts visual-field sensitivity values
xmlvfxydxtraction of (x,y)-coordinates of tested locations
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