vfctrIowaPC26: Central visual field

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Locations of the visual field tested have eccentricities up to 26 degrees and were obtained with a custom static automated perimetry. Data are from 98 eyes of 98 ocular healthy subjects. Each subject underwent two visual field tests, one of the central visual field (64 locations within 26 degrees of fixation) and one of the peripheral visual field (64 locations with eccentricity from 26 to up to 81 degrees)




See section Structure of visual fields data in vfdesc


Data are for locations within the central 26 degrees. The data for locations with eccentricity from 26 to up to 81 degrees are in vfctrIowaPeri. This dataset of healthy eyes was used to generate the normative values iowa_PC26_pw, and iowa_PC26_pw_cps included in normvals.


I. Marin-Franch, P. H. Artes, L. X. Chong, A. Turpin, and M. Wall. Data obtained with an open-source static automated perimetry test of the full visual field in healthy adults. Data in Brief, 21:75–82, 2018.

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