Man pages for vosonSML
Collecting Social Media Data and Generating Networks for Analysis

AuthenticateCreate a credential object to access social media APIs
Authenticate.redditReddit API authentication
Authenticate.twitterTwitter API authentication
Authenticate.youtubeYoutube API authentication
CollectCollect data from social media for generating networks
Collect.redditCollect comments data from reddit threads
Collect.twitterCollect tweet data from twitter search
Collect.youtubeCollect comments data for youtube videos
CreateCreate networks from social media data
Create.activity.redditCreate reddit activity network
Create.activity.twitterCreate twitter activity network
Create.activity.youtubeCreate youtube activity network reddit actor network twitter actor network youtube actor network
Create.semantic.twitterCreate twitter semantic network
Create.twomode.twitterCreate twitter twomode network
vosonSML-colon-colon-AddTextAdd columns containing text data to network dataframes
vosonSML-colon-colon-AddText.activity.redditAdd columns containing text data to reddit activity network... columns containing text data to reddit actor network... columns containing text data to youtube actor network...
vosonSML-colon-colon-AddUserDataAdd columns of user information as node attributes to network... twitter actor network by adding user profile...
vosonSML-colon-colon-AddVideoDataAdd columns of video information to network dataframes video information to youtube actor network dataframes
vosonSML-colon-colon-GetYoutubeVideoIDsExtract the ids from a list of youtube video URLs
vosonSML-colon-colon-GraphCreate an igraph graph from network
vosonSML-colon-colon-ImportDataImport collected data previously saved to file
vosonSML-packageCollection and network analysis of social media data
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