Man pages for vprr
Processing and Visualization of Video Plankton Recorder Data

bin_calculateGet bin averages for VPR and CTD data
bin_castBin vpr data
concentration_categoryBinned concentrations
ctd_castIsolate ascending or descending section of ctd cast
ctd_dat_combineVPR CTD data
ctd_df_colsRead CTD data (SBE49) and Fluorometer data from CTD- VPR...
ctd_roi_mergeVPR CTD data combined with tabulated ROIs
ctd_roi_oceVPR data including CTD and ROI information
insertRowINTERNAL USE ONLY quick data frame function from github to...
isopycnal_calculateGet vector to draw isopycnal lines on TS plot Used internally...
normalize_matrixNormalize a matrix
px_to_mmGet conversion factor for pixels to mm for roi measurements
roi_dat_combineVPR ROI data
roimeas_dat_combineVPR measurement data calculated by Visual Plankton
size_df_fVPR size information dataframe
taxa_conc_nA binned data frame of concentration data per category
vp_plot_matrixPlots normalized confusion matrix
vp_plot_unknFunction to visualize losses to unknown category due to...
vpr_autoid_checkChecks manually created aid files for errors
vpr_autoid_copyCopy VPR images into folders
vpr_autoid_createModifies aid and aid mea files based on manual...
vpr_autoid_readRead VPR aid files
vpr_categoryGet taxa ids from string
vpr_category_createCreate a new taxa to be considered for classification after...
vpr_ctd_filesCreate a list of ctd files to be read
vpr_ctd_readRead and format CTD VPR data
vpr_ctdroi_mergeMerge CTD and ROI data from VPR
vpr_ctdroisize_mergeFormat CTD and Size data from VPR
vpr_ctd_ymdAdd Year/ month/ day hour:minute:second information
vpr_dayGet day identifier
vpr_dayhourFind day & hour info to match each station of interest for...
vpr_hourGet hour identifier
vpr_img_categoryExplore images by depth and classification
vpr_img_checkRemove ROI strings from aid and aidmeas files based on a...
vpr_img_copyImage copying function for specific taxa of interest
vpr_img_depthExplore VPR images by depth bin
vpr_img_reclassifiedExplore reclassified images
vpr_manual_classificationFunction to check results of classification manually
vpr_oce_createCreate ctd oce object with vpr data
vpr_plot_contourInterpolated contour plot of particular variable
vpr_plot_histsizePlot size frequency histogram
vpr_plot_profilePlots VPR profiles of temperature, salinity, density,...
vpr_plot_sizefreqSize Frequency plots for VPR data
vpr_plot_TSMake a balloon plot against a TS plot
vpr_plot_TScatMake a balloon plot
vpr_pred_readRead prediction output from a CNN model
vpr_roiGet roi ids from string
vpr_roi_concentrationCalculate VPR concentrations
vpr_saveSave VPR data as an as.oce object
vpr_size_binBin VPR size data
vpr_summaryData Summary Report
vpr_trrois_sizeGet size data from idsize files
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