bin_cast: Bin vpr data

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Bin vpr data


Formats oce style VPR data into depth averaged bins using ctd_cast and bin_calculate This function is used inside concentration_category


bin_cast(ctd_roi_oce, imageVolume, binSize, rev = FALSE)



oce ctd format VPR data from vpr_oce_create


the volume of VPR images used for calculating concentrations (mm^3)


passed to bin_calculate, determines size of depth bins over which data is averaged


logical value,passed to bin_calculate if TRUE, binning will begin at bottom of each cast, this controls data loss due to uneven binning over depth. If bins begin at bottom, small amounts of data may be lost at the surface of each cast, if binning begins at surface (rev = FALSE), small amounts of data may be lost at bottom of each cast


Image volume calculations can change based on optical setting of VPR as well as autodeck setting used to process images For IML2018051 (S2) image volume was calculated as 108155 mm^3 by seascan (6.6 cubic inches) For COR2019002 S2 image volume was calculated as 83663 mm^3 and S3 image volume was calculated as 366082 mm^3


A dataframe of depth averaged bins of VPR data over an entire cast with calculated concentration values

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