vqtl: Genome Scans to Accommodate and Target Genetic and Non-Genetic Effects on Trait Variance

In recognition that there are many factors (genetic loci, macro-genetic factors such as sex, and environmental factors) that influence the environmental variation, the 'vqtl' package conducts genome scans that accommodate and target these factors. The main functions of this package, scanonevar() and scanonevar.perm() take as input a cross object from the popular 'qtl' package.

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AuthorRobert Corty
Date of publication2016-03-07 01:01:40
MaintainerRobert Corty <rcorty@gmail.com>

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get.additive.coef.from.2.genoprobs Man page
get.additive.coef.from.3.genoprobs Man page
get.dom.coef.from.3.genoprobs Man page
get.genoprobs.by.marker.name Man page
get.genotypes.by.marker.name Man page
get.peaks.from.scanonevar Man page
is.scanonevar Man page
margin.plot Man page
plot.scanonevar Man page
predictive.plot Man page
scanonevar Man page
scanonevar.perm Man page
scanonevar.to.p.values Man page
scan.via.dglm Man page
summary.scanonevar Man page
units Man page
validate.convert.scanonevar.to.p.values Man page
validate.input.scanonevar Man page

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