get_chebiid: Retrieve Lite Entity (identifiers) from ChEBI

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Retrieve Lite Entity (identifiers) from ChEBI


Returns a data.frame with a ChEBI entity ID (chebiid), a ChEBI entity name (chebiasciiname), a search score (searchscore) and stars (stars) using the SOAP protocol:


  from = c("all", "chebi id", "chebi name", "definition", "name", "iupac name",
    "citations", "registry numbers", "manual xrefs", "automatic xrefs", "formula",
    "mass", "monoisotopic mass", "charge", "inchi", "inchikey", "smiles", "species"),
  match = c("all", "best", "first", "ask", "na"),
  max_res = 200,
  stars = c("all", "two only", "three only"),
  verbose = getOption("verbose"),



character; search term.


character; type of input. "all" searches all types and "name" searches all names. Other options include 'chebi id', 'chebi name', 'definition', 'iupac name', 'citations', 'registry numbers', 'manual xrefs', 'automatic xrefs', 'formula', 'mass', 'monoisotopic mass','charge', 'inchi', 'inchikey', 'smiles', and 'species'


character; How should multiple hits be handled?, "all" all matches are returned, "best" the best matching (by the ChEBI searchscore) is returned, "ask" enters an interactive mode and the user is asked for input, "na" returns NA if multiple hits are found.


integer; maximum number of results to be retrieved from the web service


character; "three only" restricts results to those manualy annotated by the ChEBI team.


logical; should a verbose output be printed on the console?


currently unused


returns a list of data.frames containing a chebiid, a chebiasciiname, a searchscore and stars if matches were found. If not, data.frame(NA) is returned


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## Not run: 
# might fail if API is not available

# multiple inputs
comp <- c('Iron', 'Aspirin', 'BPGDAMSIGCZZLK-UHFFFAOYSA-N')

## End(Not run)

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