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Whole Genome Average Interval Mapping for QTL Detection using Mixed Models

cross2intConvert a cross genetic object to an interval object
genoCxRGenotypic marker data for Cascades x RAC875-2 doubled haploid...
genoRxKGenotypic marker data for RAC875 x Kukri doubled haploid...
genoSxTGenotypic marker data for Sunco x Tasman doubled haploid... a genetic linkage map a genetic linkage map with QTL for multiple traits a genetic linkage map with QTL's
out.statPlot the blups or interval outlier statistics from specififed...
phenoCxRPhenotypic Cascades x RAC875-2 zinc experiment data frame
phenoRxKPhenotypic RAC875 x Kukri trial data frame
phenoSxTPhenotypic Sunco x Tasman trial data frame
qtlTableStack QTL summary information into a super table
summary.wgaimSummary and print methods for the class "wgaim"
tr.wgaimDisplay diagnostic information about wgaim QTL model
wgaim.asremlwgaim method for class "asreml"
wgaim-internalInternal wgaim functions
wgaim-packageWhole Genome Average Interval Mapping (wgaim) for QTL...
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