Man pages for worcs
Workflow for Open Reproducible Code in Science

add_endpointAdd endpoint to WORCS project
add_manuscriptAdd Rmarkdown manuscript
add_preregistrationAdd Rmarkdown preregistration
add_recipeAdd Recipe to Generate Endpoints
add_syntheticAdd synthetic data to WORCS project
check_endpointsCheck endpoints in WORCS project
check_worcsEvaluate project with respect to WORCS checklist
check_worcs_installationCheck worcs dependencies
cite_allComprehensive citation Knit function for 'RStudio'
cite_essentialEssential citations Knit function for 'RStudio'
closed_dataUse closed data in WORCS project
codebookCreate codebook for a dataset
data_labelLabel factor variables using metadata
data_unlabelDrop value labels
descriptivesDescribe a dataset
export_projectExport project to .zip file
github_action_check_endpointsSet up GitHub Actions to Check Endpoints
github_action_reproduceSet up GitHub Action to Reproduce WORCS Project
git_ignoreModify .gitignore file
git_updateAdd, commit, and push changes.
git_userSet global 'Git' credentials
has_git_userCheck whether global 'Git' credentials exist
load_dataLoad WORCS project data
load_entrypointLoad project entry points
notify_syntheticNotify the user when synthetic data are being used
open_dataUse open data in WORCS project
reportReport formatted number
reproduceReproduce WORCS Project
skew_kurtosisCalculate skew and kurtosis
snapshot_endpointsSnapshot endpoints in WORCS project
syntheticGenerate synthetic data
worcs_badgeAdd WORCS badge to
worcs_checklistWORCS checklist
worcs_projectCreate new WORCS project
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