worcs_checklist: WORCS checklist

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WORCS checklist


This checklist can be used to see whether a project adheres to the principles of open reproducible code in science, as set out in the WORCS paper.




A data frame with 15 rows and 5 variables.


category factor Category of the checklist element.
name factor Name of the checklist element.
description factor What are the requirements to claim that this checklist element is met?
importance factor Whether the checklist element is essential to obtain a green 'open science' badge, or optional.
check logical Whether the criterion is checked automatically by worcs_badge.


Van Lissa, C. J., Brandmaier, A. M., Brinkman, L., Lamprecht, A., Peikert, A., , Struiksma, M. E., & Vreede, B. (2021) \Sexpr[results=rd]{tools:::Rd_expr_doi("10.3233/DS-210031")}.

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