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Export project to .zip file


Export project to .zip file


export_project(zipfile = NULL, worcs_directory = ".", open_data = TRUE)



Character. Path to a .zip file that is to be created. The default argument NULL creates a .zip file in the directory one level above the 'worcs' project directory. By default, all files tracked by 'Git' are included in the .zip file, excluding 'data.csv' if open_data = FALSE.


Character. Path to the WORCS project directory to export. Defaults to ".", which refers to the current working directory.


Logical. Whether or not to include the original data, 'data.csv', if this file exists. If open_data = FALSE and an open data file does exist, then it is excluded from the .zip file. If it does not yet exist, a synthetic data set is generated and added to the .zip file.


Logical, indicating the success of the operation. This function is called for its side effect of creating a .zip file.


export_project(worcs_directory = tempdir())

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