notify_synthetic: Notify the user when synthetic data are being used

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Notify the user when synthetic data are being used


This function prints a notification message when some or all of the data used in a project are synthetic (see closed_data and synthetic). See details for important information.


notify_synthetic(..., msg = NULL)



Objects of class worcs_data. The function will check if these are original or synthetic data.


Expression containing the message to print in case not all worcs_data are original. This message may refer to is_synth, a logical vector indicating which worcs_data objects are synthetic.


The preferred way to use this function is to provide specific data objects in the function call, using the ... argument. If no such objects are provided, notify_synthetic will scan the parent environment for objects of class worcs_data.

This function is emphatically designed to be included in an 'R Markdown' file, to dynamically generate a notification message when a third party 'Knits' such a document without having access to all original data.


No return value. This function is called for its side effect of printing a notification message.

See Also

closed_data synthetic add_synthetic


df <- iris
class(df) <- c("worcs_data", class(df))
attr(df, "type") <- "synthetic"
notify_synthetic(df, msg = "synthetic")

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