combineReplFromListToMatr: Combine replicates from list to matrix

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Combine replicates from list to matrix


Suppose multiple measures (like multiple chanels) are taken for subjects and these measures are organized as groups in a list, like muliple parameters (= channels) or types of measurements (typically many paramters are recorded when screeinig compounds in microtiter plates). Within one parameter/channel all replicate-data from separate list-entries ('lst') will get combined according to names of list-elements. The function will trim any redundant text in names of list-elements, try to isolate separator (may vary among replicate-groups, but should be 1 character long). eg names "hct116 1.1.xlsx" & "hct116 1.2.xlsx" will be combined as replicates, "hct116 2.1.xlsx" will be considered as new group.


combineReplFromListToMatr(lst, callFrom = NULL)



(list) list of arrays (typically multi-parameter measures of micortiterplate data)


(character) allows easier tracking of message(s) produced


list of arrays now with same dimension of arrays (but shorter, since replicate-arrays were combined)

See Also

extr1chan, organizeAsListOfRepl


lst2 <- list(aa_1x=matrix(1:12,nrow=4,byrow=TRUE),ab_2x=matrix(24:13,nrow=4,byrow=TRUE))

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