xgb.gblinear.history: Extract gblinear coefficients history.

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xgb.gblinear.historyR Documentation

Extract gblinear coefficients history.


A helper function to extract the matrix of linear coefficients' history from a gblinear model created while using the cb.gblinear.history() callback.


xgb.gblinear.history(model, class_index = NULL)



either an xgb.Booster or a result of xgb.cv(), trained using the cb.gblinear.history() callback.


zero-based class index to extract the coefficients for only that specific class in a multinomial multiclass model. When it is NULL, all the coefficients are returned. Has no effect in non-multiclass models.


For an xgb.train result, a matrix (either dense or sparse) with the columns corresponding to iteration's coefficients (in the order as xgb.dump() would return) and the rows corresponding to boosting iterations.

For an xgb.cv result, a list of such matrices is returned with the elements corresponding to CV folds.

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